Hello and welcome to my Blog!!

So you’ve bagged a lovely man, got engaged, drank more champagne than you have at any other time in your life, booked the venue, and you’ve moved on to the most important bit!


I got engaged a year ago and the dress hunt started. As a little girl I never pictured my dream dress so I was starting from scratch. Queue trying on over 50 dresses and spending my days (obsessively) looking online at pictures of lovely white dresses. Depending on the designer the models in the pictures were often 80′s throwbacks or miserable waifs. It was only when I saw the dresses on real brides that I would be able to imagine how it might look on me.

So fast forward a year, the dress search is over. I no longer spend my Saturdays with my nearest and dearest telling my I look beautiful whilst enjoying complimentary drinks and trying on the gorgeous dresses. It’s back to real life where no one ever tears up when I walk in a room. So now I have picked my dress, it’s a Jenny Packham from the 2012 collection, and I got so excited when I saw pictures of a real bride in it for the first time last month.

I thought that I would start to compile a images of real brides and tag them by the designer, to act as an easy reference point for other dress obsessed brides. Now I do like a good wedding blog so I’ll come across a fair few in my normal day-to-day life. But to make this blog as successful as it can be I need to get as many images as I can added. So please send me any links or pictures that you think would be useful. Hopefully it can be somewhere that people can come on and drool over all of the lovely dresses and see what real people look like in them. So whether it be beautiful images that you’ve seen on a wedding photographers website, or a snap taken on your camera phone in a wedding shop then send them all in.

Thanks for reading.


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