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Hi Everyone,

Today I have a celebrity real wedding feature focusing on Priscilla Chang’s beautiful Claire Pettibone gown. Its name is almost as beautiful as the gown, it’s called Sky Between the Branches.

To show you I have the usual promo pics, Priscilla’s wedding pics, two real brides and another model in the gown too.

Starting off with the promo pics

The gown really stands out from some of the other lace designs as it has those quite large cut out bits. It’s very classical looking, but unusual at the same time. Although the cut out bits aren’t as noticable in the pictures of Priscilla.

The back of this dress is obviously one of it’s main features, and you can really see how detailed and striking it is on this model pic, which you can find on this blog.

Next I have two real brides for you. Just one image of a bride who posted her picture to the Claire Pettibone facebook page – which you can find here.

There are quite a few pictures of this striking dress on this blog, which I discovered for the first time today. Called One Fab Day, check it out here.

Love love love these images. The dress looks incredible, so very dramatic.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and the images, leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this dress.

Enjoy the gallery