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I wrote the feature below a year before my wedding. But this was my dress!! It was incredible and I’m over the moon that I chose it. Now it’s time for the dress to move on to a new owner though, so if anyone is looking for a second hand Jenny Packham Willow – in excellent condition – then please get in touch. It’s size 8, in ivory, and I can send pictures to anyone that is interested.

Original feature follows below.

So I managed about 4 days cold turkey from a Jenny Packham dress. I had planned on waiting for a week or so to post these pictures, but I just couldn’t wait to share the pictures. I’ve got a really good selection today, and scroll down to the bottom to see a video too!!!

So to start off i’ve got the Jenny Packham promotional pictures. As usual, my Jenny Packham miserable model bugbear is well and truely alive and well when I look at the picture above. But how sultry and sexy does the model look in the picture below? Bravo JP promotional team, I LOVE this image.

Beautiful. Next of course is Lea Michele in the evening gown version of Willow. Looking gorgeous as ever.

Next we have some real brides and a few gorgeous models in this utterly fantastic dress. First up is a real bride from the blog Engaged and Inspired, which you can check out here. But she didn’t pick Willow as her dress? She doesn’t say which one she did buy but it must have been pretty special to beat Willow as she looks fab in it.

If you are based in the USA and are looking to buy this dress i’ve seen the first advert to buy it second hand. You can check out the advert here. And the images of the bride selling it are below.

The back of this dress is just stunning, it is such a flattering design. Bride, of course looks incredible.

When browsing a blog about Rachel Simpson shoes I realised that the model was wearing Willow too. The photographer for Rachel Simpson is an amazing Birmingham based husband and wife team called Emma Case. I have spend literally hours drooling over their website. Every image is just jawdroppingly gorgeous. Check out the Rachel Simpson blog which included Willow is here, and the Emma Case blog featuring a few different images from the shoot including Willow is here.

Love my Dress also featured a post about a vintage wedding show and Willow has been used in the promo pics! Take a look at the post here. Two pics of Willow from that shoot are just below.

And as promised here is the video, sans bride i’m afraid, but even on a mannequin you can see it is stunning. The video has kindly been put on my a wedding dress shop in the US.

So to end this bumper post i’ve also got some pictures of a Jenny Packham almost Willow dress. I haven’t been able to find out the name of it, but it was from the spring summer 2011 collection, and it is so very similar to Willow that I thought I would still include it. Especially as i’ve got some images of a bride wearing it on her wedding dress. This “Almost Willow” has got longer sleeves and an exposed back, and available in pink, but apart from that it’s almost identical. This photographer, Jonas Peterson is based in Australia – this is the only work i’ve seen by him, but the images are amazing. You should check out the images from the full day here, as some of them will make you swoon.

And the more wedding dress Almost Willow

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and video, all of the pics are in the gallery below too.