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Hello Ladies,

I have a big lovely fluffy dress for your viewing pleasure today. Ian’s Stuarts flowerbomb. I’ll get the promo shots out of the way first, shall we?

Ahhh isn’t it fabulous? I just love how fluffy it is. Flowerbomb brides will feel like princesses on their big day. I like the drama of the promotional shots too – it really matches the dress.

Now in my round up of web based real brides i’ve got a good old selection to show you.

This picture comes from a blog which I just discovered today called One and Only and it’s run by a dress shop, so they had lots of posts on gorgeous dresses. You can take a look at their blog here.

Next blog entry was actually on a flower shop’s blog. If you skip through the pictures of the flowers, then there are loads of this lovely bride in her flowerbomb which seems to have more of a pink hue in it then the other pictures. Full blog is here.

Of course there is nearly always some good pictures on the second hand site preloved and today is no exception. Check out these bride’s below, their adverts can be found here and here.

And then my gem of a find today was the Ian Stuart Facebook page. He has displayed lots of brides in his gorgeous dresses. The pictures can be found here. And below are a selection of images that all came from his facebook page.

What do you think? Are you in love too? I think that my favourite image might be that last black and white one. It just looks so fluffy and fantastic.

Have any of you readers decided on flowerbomb as your dress? Leave me a comment and get in touch.

Enjoy the gallery.