Real Brides in Bonny Bridal 1010 – Reader Request


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Hello Lovely Readers,

One of you got in touch with me via the Find My Dress link on my page and asked me to keep my eyes peeled and look out for Real Brides in Bonny Bridal’s 1010 dress. And that’s what i’ve done. I’ve got a few images to share with you of this gorgeous dress.

Most of the images that I have are from adverts for people selling this dress, so if you’re looking for a this dress at a bargain price then you’re at the right place.

First image comes from a site called Bride2Bride – you can have a look at the advert here

The Bonny Bridal Website has some real bride images on there, one of them is the 1010 dress – check out the Real Brides here

And we’ve got a preloved bride here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Let me know what you think of this dress. If you want me to look for images of your dress and have 1 reference point for all of your pictures then let me know and i’ll get on it. Or please get in touch if you’ve seen other images than the ones i’ve included of any of the dresses i’ve posted about. I’ll add them to the the post and we can build a big library of pictures.

Enjoy the gallery.



Real Brides in Mrs Facebook’s (Priscilla Chang) Claire Pettibone’s Sky Between the Branches


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Hi Everyone,

Today I have a celebrity real wedding feature focusing on Priscilla Chang’s beautiful Claire Pettibone gown. Its name is almost as beautiful as the gown, it’s called Sky Between the Branches.

To show you I have the usual promo pics, Priscilla’s wedding pics, two real brides and another model in the gown too.

Starting off with the promo pics

The gown really stands out from some of the other lace designs as it has those quite large cut out bits. It’s very classical looking, but unusual at the same time. Although the cut out bits aren’t as noticable in the pictures of Priscilla.

The back of this dress is obviously one of it’s main features, and you can really see how detailed and striking it is on this model pic, which you can find on this blog.

Next I have two real brides for you. Just one image of a bride who posted her picture to the Claire Pettibone facebook page – which you can find here.

There are quite a few pictures of this striking dress on this blog, which I discovered for the first time today. Called One Fab Day, check it out here.

Love love love these images. The dress looks incredible, so very dramatic.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and the images, leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this dress.

Enjoy the gallery

Jenny Packham Willow Dress size 8 for sale


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I wrote the feature below a year before my wedding. But this was my dress!! It was incredible and I’m over the moon that I chose it. Now it’s time for the dress to move on to a new owner though, so if anyone is looking for a second hand Jenny Packham Willow – in excellent condition – then please get in touch. It’s size 8, in ivory, and I can send pictures to anyone that is interested.

Original feature follows below.

So I managed about 4 days cold turkey from a Jenny Packham dress. I had planned on waiting for a week or so to post these pictures, but I just couldn’t wait to share the pictures. I’ve got a really good selection today, and scroll down to the bottom to see a video too!!!

So to start off i’ve got the Jenny Packham promotional pictures. As usual, my Jenny Packham miserable model bugbear is well and truely alive and well when I look at the picture above. But how sultry and sexy does the model look in the picture below? Bravo JP promotional team, I LOVE this image.

Beautiful. Next of course is Lea Michele in the evening gown version of Willow. Looking gorgeous as ever.

Next we have some real brides and a few gorgeous models in this utterly fantastic dress. First up is a real bride from the blog Engaged and Inspired, which you can check out here. But she didn’t pick Willow as her dress? She doesn’t say which one she did buy but it must have been pretty special to beat Willow as she looks fab in it.

If you are based in the USA and are looking to buy this dress i’ve seen the first advert to buy it second hand. You can check out the advert here. And the images of the bride selling it are below.

The back of this dress is just stunning, it is such a flattering design. Bride, of course looks incredible.

When browsing a blog about Rachel Simpson shoes I realised that the model was wearing Willow too. The photographer for Rachel Simpson is an amazing Birmingham based husband and wife team called Emma Case. I have spend literally hours drooling over their website. Every image is just jawdroppingly gorgeous. Check out the Rachel Simpson blog which included Willow is here, and the Emma Case blog featuring a few different images from the shoot including Willow is here.

Love my Dress also featured a post about a vintage wedding show and Willow has been used in the promo pics! Take a look at the post here. Two pics of Willow from that shoot are just below.

And as promised here is the video, sans bride i’m afraid, but even on a mannequin you can see it is stunning. The video has kindly been put on my a wedding dress shop in the US.

So to end this bumper post i’ve also got some pictures of a Jenny Packham almost Willow dress. I haven’t been able to find out the name of it, but it was from the spring summer 2011 collection, and it is so very similar to Willow that I thought I would still include it. Especially as i’ve got some images of a bride wearing it on her wedding dress. This “Almost Willow” has got longer sleeves and an exposed back, and available in pink, but apart from that it’s almost identical. This photographer, Jonas Peterson is based in Australia – this is the only work i’ve seen by him, but the images are amazing. You should check out the images from the full day here, as some of them will make you swoon.

And the more wedding dress Almost Willow

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and video, all of the pics are in the gallery below too.

Real Brides in Ian Stuart Flowerbomb


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Hello Ladies,

I have a big lovely fluffy dress for your viewing pleasure today. Ian’s Stuarts flowerbomb. I’ll get the promo shots out of the way first, shall we?

Ahhh isn’t it fabulous? I just love how fluffy it is. Flowerbomb brides will feel like princesses on their big day. I like the drama of the promotional shots too – it really matches the dress.

Now in my round up of web based real brides i’ve got a good old selection to show you.

This picture comes from a blog which I just discovered today called One and Only and it’s run by a dress shop, so they had lots of posts on gorgeous dresses. You can take a look at their blog here.

Next blog entry was actually on a flower shop’s blog. If you skip through the pictures of the flowers, then there are loads of this lovely bride in her flowerbomb which seems to have more of a pink hue in it then the other pictures. Full blog is here.

Of course there is nearly always some good pictures on the second hand site preloved and today is no exception. Check out these bride’s below, their adverts can be found here and here.

And then my gem of a find today was the Ian Stuart Facebook page. He has displayed lots of brides in his gorgeous dresses. The pictures can be found here. And below are a selection of images that all came from his facebook page.

What do you think? Are you in love too? I think that my favourite image might be that last black and white one. It just looks so fluffy and fantastic.

Have any of you readers decided on flowerbomb as your dress? Leave me a comment and get in touch.

Enjoy the gallery.

Real Brides in Alan Hannah Melita


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Hello Ladies,

Today we have a gorgeous princess gown for you to look at. I tried this dress on and it was in the running for quite some time. It made my waist look teeny tiny and I felt like a proper bride in it. Absolutely loved it. I remember though coming home and looking at pictures online and being a bit disappointed in how it looked on the Alan Hannah official photos – especially on the runway model. It just didn’t seem to do it justice. The real brides, as always look fantastic though. In this selection the real brides seem to make it look that much bigger, grander and more special than the models do.

Similarly to yesterday we don’t have any professional blog pictures in this group – but I do have a whole host of lovely real bride pictures – and if you like it lots of them are for sale.

First of all we have the selection from preloved, this blonde bride added an additional strap to her dress. This one is no longer for sale though.

These two dresses are still available and for sale. I do love a back shot of a dress, and how incredible is this one? The train is huge!! Gorgeous.
If you wanted to check out these preloved pages click here or here.

Or you can take a look over at where a few brides are also willing to part with this dress. Have a look at these pics

Speaking of backs of dresses, it’s so lovely to see a proper view of the back of this dress in the top of these two images, and the gorgeous flowers which wind up the back of the corset. You don’t get that view with many of the pictures of this dress. links can be found here and here.

And two more sales sites which were new to me until I started the Alan Hannah search. Dressmarket.blogspot which you can access here.

And finally, here.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. Have you seen this dress on any blogs? Have you worn this dress? In the past i’ve seen it in a brown type of colour, but this search hasn’t brought up any pictures – did you wear it in the brown colour? Get in touch with pictures, or of course any ideas that you may have for future posts.

Enjoy the gallery.

Real Brides in Manuel Mota for Pronovias 2012 – Primor


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Manuel Mota for Pronovias, Primor. What a breathtaking dress. This is not for a wallflower bride. This dress screams, “Look at me, I look fabulous, and I might even do a little bit of swan lake. Because it’s my wedding day and I can.”

I LOVE it. I saw it in magazines and online during my dress search and thought it was gorgeous and so striking, but there was no stockists anywhere near me, and tut tut, Pronovias don’t offer the option of sending it to a local store to try it on, unlike other designers, so alas… I will probably never get to try it on. Unless I have a post wedding life crisis and visit bridal shops every weekend – which isn’t that far out of the questions…Anyway, enough about me, and lets get to the important bits – the pictures. Of the ladies who were lucky enough to try this beaut on. So it looks like my usual haunts of bridal blogs don’t feature this dress anywhere, but thanks to the joys of wedding forums and second hand sights i’ve got a few pictures for you. Quite a few were taken in a bridal shops – these girls must have had more guts than me as I had it drummed into me in the first shop that pictures were not allowed and I never asked again.

First up we have some gorgeous brides who are as obsessed with their dresses as I am with mine, and have been chatting about it on, you can see the pics and read about their shopping experiences here.

How incredible does this lucky bride to be look? She’s absolutely gorgeous and you can see this dress suits her so well.

Also popping up on the same forum, Weddingbee is this lovely lady who also posted a picture, although in the end she decided to go for a different dress. Although she looked fab in Primor. Her post is here.

If these gorgeous girls have tempted you, there are some available on preowned sites. All in the USA at the moment. But you can check them out here and here.

Now although this dress is just amazing as it is, one of the ladies who are selling them on is very stylish indeed and has added sleeves to the dress. Making it have a completely different overall look, although still as pretty and princessy. I also love the side view from the wedding day. The skirt is HUGE, and just stunning.

These next two pictures are from ebay.

And finishing off with a last promotional image.

What do you think of this dress? Do you love the feathers as much as me? Has anyone spotted this dress anywhere else and fancies pointing me in the right direction? Have (gasp) you got this dress? If so please send me in a picture. My obsession with this dress might be growing – oops.

Enjoy the gallery


Real Brides in Amanda Wakeley AW108


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Hello today I have Amanda Wakeley’s AW108 from the Rahjastan collection. Which is full of gorgeous dresses which are perfect for a destination wedding, or one in the height of “summer” here in the uk.

I LOVE this dress. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I think that the detailing on the back is just stunning and it moves so gorgously.

So my collection of photos today comes from the Amanda Wakeley site. A lady selling this gorgeous dress – so check it out here if this is the dress for you, and the Amanda Wakeley Facebook pages where there are a few pictures of real brides in her designs.

The back of this dress is just incredible, i’ve seen it described on a few sites as a cleopatra back? Which i’ve never heard of before, but it seems to make sense.

Whilst I think that the models in this case do look amazing, I think that it’s yet again the real brides that look the best in this one. The images below were taken from the facebook page, and it’s clear to see why they wanted to share them! The bride and groom look stunningly happy and the dress fits their setting brilliantly.

Finishing off this post with a few more from the dress which is for sale here

What do you think? Are you as in love with this dress as I am? Have you seen any other real bride pictures on the internet somewhere? Did you get married in this dress?

Get in touch with your views. Your suggestions as always are very much appreciated.
Thanks for reading, enjoy the gallery.

Jenny Packham Aspen – Kate Middleton Inspired Post


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So today one of the most famous of real bride’s has put on a beautiful Jenny Packham dress just a year after she got married. Kate Middleton was spotted looking utterly beautiful. Her dress is the blue version of the Jenny Packham’s Aspen from the 2012 collection.

Now apart from the lovely Duchess of Cambridge who looked absolutely stunning in her blue number, I haven’t come across many “Real” brides in this one. I have managed to find a good selection of various models in Aspen though. So there is still some gorgeous lovely ladies to look at this beautiful dress on, which is an improvement on the Jenny Packham model. Seriously love – smile?

It really annoys me that Jenny Packham only have one view of this dress, it was only when I saw it on Kate and then these other models that I realised just how detailed the back of this dress is. The bow – amazing!!

The wonderful Miss Bush Bridal have put together two photoshoots featuring this beautiful dress. Including the black and white picture above. Check out the Miss Bush posts here and here.

Here is a candid photo posted by model Ally Murray on her twitter feed here.

And the ever reliable Love My Dress have also done a photoshoot which includes Aspen – check it out here. In the meantime have a look here

Have any of you readers tried on this dress? Is it as beautiful in real life? If anyone see’s any pictures of real brides in this dress then PLEASE get in touch. I can’t wait to see this dress in a wedding.

Enjoy the Gallery

Real Brides in Stephanie Allin – Kelly


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Hello ladies,

I have a collection of beautiful brides in this really timeless dress. I love how structured it is, and the lace at the top is just gorgeous.
For you Stephanie Allin Kelly Brides I have a few places for you to look there are two super stylish blog posts where the brides are in this dress. As you can imagine, if their taste in wedding dresses is this good, then their weddings are a treat to look through.

You can look through the RocknRoll Bride post here, and a sneaky pick of the bride

A super glam wedding at the Savoy in London no less by clicking here for this Love My Dress post including these beautiful back pics.

And this model in a shoot showcased on Rock My Wedding here

So if you’ve fallen in love with this dress i’ve even got two real brides who are selling it.

Check out Preloved and Sell My Wedding Dress for these lovely ladies dresses. I might be in love with the short one – which is on Preloved.

What do you thinkg? Fab isn’t it? Did you try this dress on? Have you got pictures of you in it? Send them into me at

Enjoy the gallery…